About Us


Techflow ® has its long & deep roots in the firm’s fortitude & serious commitment of the whole team built by the technocrat entrepreneur Mr. D. K. Parikh (Chairman & Group founder).

Techflow ® founded in 1974 in the city of Ahmedabad, as a small scale production machine shop under government assisted New Entrepreneur Scheme (NES) to promote technocrat oriented SME development in the Gujarat. Mr. Parikh has undergone special trainings on entrepreneurial leadership & business growth with SISI, GU & EDI sessions.

With understanding & care for the Employees, Companions as well as the Patrons, love for Environment & Technology, uncanny Vision & Mission of BUSINESS & ETHICS has guided the group to stand, grow & prosper throughout these 40 years.

Our commitment & dedications remains unchanged since then and we at Techflow ® stick to our basic fundaments.

Amazing things happen when people connect. In return to what we get from the society, we at Techflow ® regularly contribute to the welfare of the society & mankind by providing financial donations to Cancer research, Kidney diseases research, Physically challenged & Blind peoples associations, Hospitals, Educational institutes & Socio-Religious organizations helping the needy & less privileged.




Glorious YEARS

The Early Stage: In the 80’s

Besides machine shop products, a business of fabrication of blowers was started as a part of the expansion. It started with simple fabrication of ventilation fans & small furnace blowers. As a start-up limited customers were being served with specific & standard requirements of man-coolers, furnace blowers & special blowers made to order.

On the Edge of Development stage: In the NEXT decade, the 90’s

The 90’s saw the conclusion of the business of machined products, however more industrial customers were introduced, owing to the progresses of new Technologies (Aerodynamics, Filtration & Low pressure pneumatics) with new Products & system solutions (Bigger & special Fan systems, Mechanical & fabric Dust Collectors) after rigorous study of applications & technologies. First time in India, Cartridge filter dust collectors were developed & supplied to various industries including Pharmaceutical industry.

On Growth Path

Techflow ® fortune turned in early 21st century when started systematic efforts in building standard range of air equipment needed by various industrial sectors by providing effective system solutions.

During this era Techflow ® products & system solutions gained fast popularity due to the proven performance & impeccable techno-commercial commitments in India & abroad. In the last five years all process venting requirements became mandatory & more stringent and became a rage to be recognized as a trusted & reputed brand in the field of Air pollution control & Air / solid handling solutions.

This Decade turned out as a major development step for the company’s with an additional manufacturing facility set -up at Kathwada. With handling the demand of markets we almost doubled the revenue of the company. During this time a NEW line of TUFFSolids handling systems & Pneumatic conveying was also started, which is fast gaining business. It is proved to be an awarding one. Techflow ® was awarded with ISO-9001-2000 certification by the coveted German institute TUV-Sud & subsequently upgraded as ISO-9001-2015. It is worthwhile to note that Techflow ® executions are controlled thro’ a special central ERP system.

Techflow ® found new major markets in various manufacturing sectors like Foundries, Steel, Pipe manufacturing, Mineral processing, Ceramics, OEMs of Plastics machinery, Ginning machinery, Polishing machinery etc. Thanks to this new promoter that Techflow ® now has at its command ERP control, specialized & proven software’s for Selection & Product design, Performance based system Selection criteria & Study of aerodynamic simulations.

Techflow ® vision promised Gujarat Government's Vibrant 2009 platform about determination to expand & grow through an M.O.U. signed through District Industries Centre(DIC).

Fresh Investments were employed to facilitate in-house Cranes, CNC Plasma cutting systems, Electronic balancing machines, Quality welding systems, Material handling & storage systems, Organized documentation system, Quality check & control disciplines, Latest packing materials & economical transportation techniques.

Future Ahead


Techflow ® will render expert technical & managerial training to all levels of staff personnel is being imparted by best mentors in the field.

With the time-flow, new software’s are being developed to track all customer data & their supply details over the years. Manuals & Bulletins are being designed to keep all the customers updated & informed on techno-commercial aspects for their business benefit in association with us. Higher importance is given to pre & after sales support to customer, Managers, Engineers & Service technicians are being hired & trained for ultimate customer satisfaction.

To enable fast reply Stocks of standard spares are programmed. To keep up with the scientific trends, Research & trial center is planned to be set up within the premises. Broadening of activity is also planned in parallel industrial fields. As the world today moves towards stringent actions for environment protection looking to the proven technological expertise, World class manufacturing set up, long successful track & rock solid reputation, Techflow ® is sure to receive much awaited Global Recognition with a wider gamut of proven quality Products & Loyal Customer sectors in the coming few years & will be ready to take on a further decade of global challenges to combat pollution & very wide field of environment protection & diversified other solutions.