• Systems & Solutions
  • Pulse Jet Hose Bag Type Filter

    Pulse Jet Hose Bag

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Pulse Jet Cartridge Type Dust Collector

    Pulse Jet Cartridge

  • Centrifugal Blowers

    Centrifugal Blowers

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Reverse Air Cassette

    Reverse Air Cassette

  • Air Pollution Control Systems

    Air Pollution Control Systems

  • Centrifugal Blowers

    Centrifugal Blowers

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Products
  • Rotary Air Lock Valves

    Rotary Air Lock Valves

  • Vent Filters

    Vent Filters

  • Motorised Shaker

    Motorised Shaker

  • Aeration Pad

    Aeration Pad

  • Axial Fans

    Axial Fans

  • Wear Resistant Bends

    Wear Resistant Bends

  • Pneumatic Transporter

    Pneumatic Transporter

  • Welding Fume

    Welding Fume Extraction

  • Dome Valve

    Dome Valve

  • Industry Specific Solution
  • Foundry

    Foundry, Steel & Sponge Iron

  • Particle Board Plant

    Wood, Laminates & Particle Board Plants

  • Master Batch Plastics

    Master Batch / Plastics / Pigments / Paints

  • Mineral Grinding

    Mineral / Mining Industries

  • SAW Pipe

    SAW Pipe Manufacturing

  • Polishing & Grinding

    Polishing & Grinding

  • Ceramics & Tiles

    Ceramics & Tiles

  • News & Events
  • Techflow Cricket Shield 2018

    Techflow Cricket Shield 2018

  • Indian Ceramics 2018

    Indian Ceramics 2018

  • Diwali Pooja 2017

    Diwali Pooja 2017

  • Accupressure Camp 2016

    Accupressure Camp 2016

  • Staff Picnic Janmashtmi 2016

    Staff Picnic Janmashtmi 2016

  • Techflow Cricket Shield 2015

    Techflow Cricket Shield 2015

  • Cancer Awareness Programme

    Cancer Awareness Programme


Techflow is an established name in the field of design, manufacture and export of Air Pollution Control Systems.

The products are – Dust Collectors like Cyclones / Multiclones ,Pulse Jet Dust Collection System – Pulse Jet Bag Filters - Hose Bag Type and Envelope Type , Pulse Jet Cartridge Filters, Bag Filters for Boilers, Motorised Shakers, Vent Filters , Pneumatic conveying systems - Dense Phase Pneumatic Transporters for Bentonite and other powder / granules type of material conveying , Lean Phase conveying systems – Positive Pressure and Negative / Vacuum Pressure, Centrifugal / Industrial Blowers , Furnace Fume Extraction Systems, Flux Feeding and Recovery Systems and components / stand alone units like Rotary Airlock Valves, Wear Resistant Bends, Dome Valves, Industrial Axial Fans (Air supply / Exhaust / Ventilation ), Mobile Welding Fume Extractor etc.

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