Down Draft Work Benches

Down Draft Work Benches


In several industrial operations, components are required to be cleaned of dust deposits or required to be ground or polished in the shop area. In such cases, TECHFLOW offers DOWN-DRAFT work benches, which allow dust-free operation for the shop area.

TECHFLOW has developed down draft & side draft work benches for major airbourne dust capturing purpose. This benches are widely used for applications like grinding of small articles, painting of small articles, welding, buffing, polishing, Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting, Gritting, Fur Cleaning, abrasive blasting and other application where dusting takes place due to manual operation on article. This work benches are equipped with drawers and cupboards to keep the day to day tools and records safe from operation.

The bench consists of a grilled top surface for component placement. A dust collector is located downstream together with exhauster blower fan. Air starts suction from the grill top downwardly & generated dust particles start travelling down with the air. Air carries the dust to the dust collector, where finally same are separated by cartridge filter elements.

A terminal exhaust blower provides for distributed powerful suction on bench grill top. An installed pulse-jet system provides automated pulse cleaning of filter elements.

Client needs to provide dry compressed air for piulse-jet operation.