Modern Dust Collector Technology Delivers Perfect Air Purification

Industrial installations have employed various technologies in an attempt to clean up the operating environment. There has been a gradual and intentional advancement from simple air cleaning systems to complex and sophisticated systems with better cleaning efficiency and even reduced noise levels. The main essence of the dust collection system is removal of dust from an air stream. Some of the important components of a dust collector system include;

 Some of the important features in selection of a dust collection system include;

Dust Collector Technology

System Design

Different designs serve different levels of cleaning and have different features. They include cyclone filters, baghouse filters, Pulse jet cartridge, Pulse jet envelope type bag filter, Fume extraction system and filtration systems.

Air Flow Rate

This is the amount of air that goes through the collector system. This is a critical element in determining the size of the air filter that will be installed.

Air Characteristics

This refers to the temperature, pressure levels and humidity of the air flow. Air removal at high temperature can damage the equipment construction material, and special control systems are required.

Characteristics of the Dust

The makeup of the dust particles affects the construction material of the collector. Sticky dust binds the cartridges and rapidly accumulates in the system. This creates a need for frequent cleaning and replacement of parts.

Dust Removal Efficiency

It is important to strike a balance between the cost of the system and the efficiency required. The greater the efficiency, the more expensive the equipment cost. This fact also goes in hand with the special construction material that may be needed.

Features De Dusting systems Bag House Dust Collector

The dedusting filter material is available in many types of materials such as cotton wool, polypropylene, fiber glass, and Teflon. Filtration is done through a filter cake and operation is monitored through measuring the drop in pressure across the system. There is greater filtration efficiency due to the wide surface area created by the filter material.

Cartridge Dust Collector System

Cartridge dust collector system are also efficient systems that are effective in industrial applications such as grinding welding fumes, laser industries, pharmaceutical powder manufacturing, acids and fine powder making industries.  They are lower in maintenance requirements and less expensive in installation and usage. Cartridges are also easier to change during usage.

Cyclone Filters

Cyclone filters operate using both centrifugal and the force of gravity to clean an air stream. They are easy to run and have little maintenance requirements. In some operations the filters are used as pre filters before the main filtration occurs. They may also be used in handling of valuable products like gold dust and silver dusts. They are also low cost of installation and will remove a wide range of particulate matter suspended in an air stream.

Wet Scrubbers

Wet scrubbers type of dust collection, cyclone technology is applied with the addition of a spray of water in the cyclone. Water droplets surround the dust particles, increasing the particle size and it becomes easier to remove them from the air stream.

With the rapid advancements in filtration technology, air contamination has been effectively dealt with using the dust collection systems.