Grinding & Fettling Booth

Grinding And Fettling Booth With Dust Collector


In steel & Foundry plants various castings arte required to be ground & polished in a fettling shop. Tremendous amount of sparking dust becomes airbourne during this grinding operation. These grinders can be mounted on pedestals or handheld swing frame grinders.

TECHFLOW has designed various systems for capturing & collecting dust particles arising out of this grinding operations. Specially designed enclosure booths are supplied to enclose most part of the source. Dust travels to the back wall of the enclosure, where louvered baffles are kept for breaking the velocity & deflecting it downwards. Powerful dust collectors are attached to the back wall louvered frame for providing extraction thro’ booth inside.

When air travels from outside to inside, there is no scope of dust to escape outside. Most dust particles travel with extracted air volume. Air with dust enters the cartridge dust collector chamber & dust particles gets filtered down. Clean Air travels thro’ cartridge surface in to clean plenum & moves to atmosphere thro’ exhauster blower

TECHFLOW has developed work booths for special purpose of grinding, polishing, fettling of large articles. This booths are designed on the basis of the maximum & minimum size of the articles to be handled. This booths are equipped with motorized shaker dust collectors as wells as pulse jet type dust collectors as required by application. This booths have facilities like crane cutout, front curtains, maintenance windows at back.

TECHFLOW supplies customized work booth with Integrated Dust Collector and Suction Blower