Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger


The TECHFLOW Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger is the proven method for handling clinker Cooler excess gas. It improves plant operations and reduces operating costs by both cooling The hot cooler vent gas and by knocking dust out of the gas stream prior to entering the Dust collector and the vent fan.

Principles of Operation:

The exhaust gas from the clinker cooler is vented to the Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger where It passes evenly through vertical parallel tubes. Cooling is accomplished by forced convection from cross-flow fans moving ambient air over the outer surface of the tubes.

The Air-to Air Heat Exchanger reduces both the temperature and the dust loading of the excess gas to the dust collecting system, thereby lowering the gas volume to be handled and increasing the life of the filter bags. This also permits the vent fan to operate at reduced speed and corresponding lower power consumption.

During upset clinker cooler operating conditions, the Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger aids in the protection of the downstream equipment within the specified design temperature limits. This is accomplished without introduction of dilution air or water spray systems

In most cooler vent systems where there is no heat exchanger ahead of the dust collector, numerous problems are experienced with burning filter bags, unstable kiln hood draft control and limited vent system capacity due to the introduction of dilution air. With the Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger, these problems are essentially eliminated.