Impacts of Air, Water & Food Pollution on Climate Change

The climate of this world is changing day by day and realizing this fact, you do not need to be a weather expert. The current average daily temperature of your city during has changed a lot from the days of your childhood and now you can have a completely different temperature chart every day. The characteristics of summer, winter, monsoon and all other seasons are changed. The impact of air, water and food pollution is heavy in this climate change. The pollution level becomes so high in your surrounding area that it badly affects the entire climate of the planet. The result can be devastating, and the entire human race may need to pay a high price for the same.

Air Pollution Control Systems

Impacts of Air Pollution

The air of your surrounding area becomes polluted day by day. Your city is not an exception. Air pollution control the story of every smart and developed city in this world where the population is extremely high. With the increasing number of factories, commercial as well as private vehicles the amount of dangerous elements in the air is increasing every day. One of the common gasses is carbon dioxide which is highly dangerous for the climate. This is one of the Greenhouse gasses which are responsible for global warming. These gasses are trapping the heat from the Sun, and that affects our atmosphere badly.

Impacts of Water Pollution

Just like the air, water also has its impact on the factor of climate change. Most of the water bodies are abolished because of the excessive demand for real estate. The rest of the water bodies become full with poisonous chemicals that come from various factories as the wastage.  These have a high impact not only on the local climate but also on the global climate. Besides, the amount of oil in the water is disturbing the natural process of evaporation. Thus, people of earth are not getting sufficient amount of rain like the earlier days.

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Impacts of Food Pollution

Food pollution is a term that refers to the condition where harmful and toxic chemicals are found in foods. Buying and selling of such kind of food items are increasing day by day. That also has an impact on the global as well as local climate change. The chemically polluted food wastes are thrown out on the roads and other open areas. These chemicals then mixed up with air and water can cause great effect on the climate. The process may be a slower one than air and water pollution, but it has a great impact too.

The Overall Impact

With the passing course of time, the Earth’s atmosphere is changing and turning into something hostile for the life of human, animals and plants. As the best creature on this planet, humans must take the responsibility to stop this and make earth a better place for lives. We need to start from today to prevent air, water, food and other types of pollutions so that our life can become healthier and easier on this planet.