Panel Filter Cleaning Station

Panel Filter Cleaning Station


In pharmaceutical mfg & other critical air conditioned areas, Pnael filters are employed in return air path for filtration cleaning of air. Over a period, these static filters get dust deposits on their front surface & air flow starts reducing due to imposed pressure drop.

TE- TECHFLOW has developed a special work station to clean the panel type HDP or other filters. This stations are equipped with all required accessories like filter cleaning gun for compressed air, transparent top cover with accessible cut outs for cleaning windows, suction hood with arrangement of dirty panel filter placement, autmomatic control panel, HEPA filter at outlet of blower for pharmaceutical filter cleaning application

TE- TECHFLOW offers Panel filter cleaning STATION, which enables compressed air cleaning of upto four Panel filters. These Panel filters are required to be taken out from frame & kept in the stainless steel cleaning chamber, where provision for manual cleaning by compressed air gun is required to be performed. Client has to provide dry compressed air both for cleaning as well as dust collector pulse cleaning.

Air with dust is extracted by a cartridge dust collector from the bottom of chamber. A terminal exhauster blower provides necessary suction, where as pulse-jet system automatically cleans cartridge filters.

Dust is periodically removed from bottom collection bin of dust collector.

In some cases where desired, HEPA terminal filter is kept for discharge of cleaned air for recirculation.