Rotary Air Lock Valves - Roto Tuff®

Rotary Air Lock Valves


Roto Tuff ® by Techflow ® is the series of highly efficient and dynamic rotary airlock valves which can handle any type of material in any shape (Powder, Granule, Chip, Pellets). Roto Tuff ® rotary airlock valves can handle virtually any dry solid very efficiently with good air locking and easy material transferring from one chamber to another without loss of vacuum.

Rotary Airlock Valves / Rotary Airlock Feeders Selection/Capacity Chart

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Available Sizes: (MM)



  • Drop Thru Type (For Dust Collection, Material Transfer Duty)
  • Quick Clean Type (For Food Grade, Hygroscopic Materials)
  • Blow Thru Type (For Pneumatic Conveying Systems)
  • Side Entry (Special Purpose Applications)


Rotary Airlock Valve