Wear Resistant Bends - Bend Tuff®

Wear Resistant Bends


Bend Tuff ® from Techflow ® is specially designed wear resistant bends which allows a pneumatic conveying system to run for longer time without any maintenance shut down, breakage of material and jamming of material in conveying lines. Bend Tuff ® Can replace any ordinary or long radius bend with problem of wear and tear in line, these bend can give 20 times more life than usual bend. Wear Resistant Bends are designed for dense phase pneumatic conveying system and dilute phase conveying system where conveying pressures are very high.

Wear Resistant Bends Selection/Capacity Chart

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  • Cast Steel
  • Cast Stainless Steel

Available Sizes:

DN 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150


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