Mobile Welding Fume Extraction Unit

Mobile welding fume extraction


Tuff ® Clean Weld by Techflow ® are unique mobile welding fume extraction system. These Mobile welding fume extractors are generally used for creating shop floor's environment safe & clean for workers. Welding Fume Extractors can be supplied unitary or as a central system catering multiple points at a time. TECHFLOW has very wide range of Mobile Welding fume extractor units

Welding Fume Extraction Selection/Capacity Chart

User Industries

  • Automobile, Weld Shops
  • Robotic Welding, SAW Pipe Welding

Available Models

  • Suction Capacity: 1400/2300/3400 m3/h
  • Arm Length: 2m / 3m
  • Manual Cleaning / Auto Cleaning
  • Single Arm / Double Arm(3400 m3/h)

Optional Accessories

  • Central Extraction System.
  • Central Dust Collector.
  • VFD Control System.
  • Welding Curtain Welding Booth.
  • Flexible Arm with Suction Blower
  • Customized GI Hoods